Exporting and importing requires custom clearances. At Neoworld Ltd. we take over this, as well.

We assist you in the custom clearance with updated regulations and procedures.

Our personnel are well cognizant with the challenging formalities involved in the clearance of import and export of cargo.

We offer strategic professionalized work done with detailed knowledge of charge schedules and customs regulations. We assist you on each step complying with the requirements of HMRC and even facilitate Customs Clearance Entries whether it is IPR or Export Licensing.

Neoworld Offers Customized Cargo Clearance From and To India

Neoworld has redefined cargo clearance from India to the UK and vice versa. Every cargo has some unique importance due to their nature so we give specialized attention on each unit of cargo whether it is from India to the UK or to India from the UK. As far as cargo clearance is concerned, both India and the UK have their respective clearance systems as also some bilateral agreements that the customs departments of both the countries keep in focus.

Importing Goods from India to the UK

Loads of goods are imported every month from the Indian subcontinent to the UK, especially from India. Neoworld always pays special attention to every cargo from India to the UK. We have developed special networks with all the major shipping lines and airlines from India to the UK. The paperwork for customs clearance is the most vital part of shipping from India to the UK. Various articles are shipped from that country to the UK like machinery, computer equipment, electronic devices, automotive parts, cars, bikes, medicines, agricultural items like rice and lentils, organic chemicals, clothing and accessories, kitchen appliances, furniture and fixture, shoes, FMCGs, and many more. We handle clients in the UK who import loads of articles from India for their business in the UK.

Exporting Goods to India from the UK

Like import from India, export goods to India is an equally lucrative business for hundreds of UK based manufacturing companies in different industries. Our exporting clients keep full confidence in our cargo clearance system as far as cargo to India from the UK is concerned. Neworld is closely related to most of the shipping lines and airlines from the UK to India. Cargos to India from this country require several important documents including compliance to standards, labeling, and certification from the appropriate authorities. Neworld never compromises on any aspects of cargo clearance. We do understand that our clients require different types of supports for cargo clearance during imports and exports between India and the UK.