Warehousing and freight forwarding go hand in hand and plays a crucial role in supply chain management.

Our warehouses in Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Le Havre, London Gateway and Felixstowe offering all CFS Facilities for loading and unloading containers with capacity to carry up to 36 Tons.

The well equipped warehouses work goes with the understanding and catering to the needs of the customers which stands on the base of ‘ safety and privacy’.

These warehouses are dedicated for storage be it for short term or long term, assuring that they can be delivered as quick as possible, for speedy delivery is what we focus on.

The warehousing and distribution needs are catered to by specifically customized solutions which work as per ISO standard.

Our online program works in linkage with client’s Purchase Order Management which aids in sustained lean inventory stock and minimum capital.

We handle all types of goods with utmost care and storage efficiency, reducing costs (fixed overheads)and speedy deliveries.

Quick, efficient and economical service is the strength of Neoworld.