Neoworld Provides Highly Advanced and Comprehensive Freight Forwarding Service

Neoworld provides most professional sea freight forwarding services across the globe including India, China, and Australia. We have both expertise and experience to meet all your requirements. We cover all the top ports of the world.

Why do you need our services as freight forwarders?

In this globalized market, goods are moving everywhere. B2B and B2C businesses are looking for the best freight forwarders UK that could arrange shipping and storage of merchandise for shoppers. We offer a complete range of services such as tracking inland transportation, warehousing, preparing export and shipping documents, negotiating freight charges, booking cargo space, cargo insurance, freight consolidation, and filing insurance claims. We have network partners in all parts of the world including major ports and trade zones to arrange requisite documentation such as bills of lading and their associates or agents at the destination, deconsolidation, document delivery, and freight collection services.

Smooth Sailing freight forwarding with Neoworld

A freight forwarderis needed at the time of import or export of goods. Importing as well as exporting may involve a lot of
documentation and regulations. The documentation and regulations can differ from one nation to another. This is when Neoworld helps to ease the process.

We have a long list of clients who have been using our services for years. There are several advantages of availing our services:

  • We handle ancillary services, which are a component of international shipping business such as documentation, insurance, etc.
  • We provide individual shippers as well as consolidators Bills of Lading, Risk Management and Assessment, Warehousing,
    International Payment methods, and Non-vessel operating carrier documentation.
  • We provide real-time tracking of cargos, real-time shipment status, and custom reports.

Neoworld is the most sought after freight forwarder China to UK and freight forwarder India to UK. Our service is also available in several other countries.